St. John's Newland's Wolf Patrol Takes Charge!

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At St. John's Newland, we believe in fostering leadership skills from an early age. Last night, it was a unique and memorable experience as the Wolf Patrol 🐺 stepped up and took on the roles of Scout Leaders for the evening. The results? A night filled with culinary adventures and the classic game of Chinese Whispers 👂🏼 that brought laughter and teamwork to the forefront.

Cooking Up a Storm: Our young Wolf Patrol leaders showcased their culinary prowess by cooking up a delectable batch of egg fried rice 🍚👩‍🍳. With guidance from experienced Scout leaders, they not only learned essential cooking skills but also experienced the joy of working together to create a delicious meal. It was a fantastic way to bond and appreciate the effort that goes into meal preparation.

Playing Chinese Whispers: Laughter echoed through the meeting room as Chinese Whispers 👂🏼 took center stage. The game not only brought out the creativity and communication skills of our young leaders but also reminded us all of the importance of active listening and clear communication. It's a classic game that never fails to entertain and teach valuable lessons.

Building Leadership Skills: This unique Scout Leader swap night was not just about fun and games; it was an opportunity for our Cubs to step into leadership roles, make decisions, and guide their peers. It encouraged them to take initiative, work together, and build confidence as emerging leaders.

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