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Incident Hike

Keyingham Scouts at Checkpoint 1

This weekend saw over 120 young people turn out for our District Incident Hike. The object of the event is not necessarily to be the fastest walkers, but to score well on the challenges along the way. Some of the challenges this year included first aid, building spaghetti towers (using spaghetti and jelly babies), filling a water balloon and carrying it for the rest of the hike and sitting under water for 3 minutes.

Cubs set off from New Ellerby, while the Scouts had a longer distance to walk, starting from Hornsea. Having rescued a couple of the Scout teams that headed out of Hornsea in the wrong direction, the teams made their way along the old railway line, before finishing at Sutton, the last team arriving just after 02:00 on Sunday morning, not leaving much time for any sleep as many had to be up and out for Remembrance Parades on Sunday morning!

The event was a great success, supported by a number of our volunteers as well as Humberside Police, who assisted with providing road signs and support for the event, helping to make sure all of our young people were safe.

THe quote of the evening came from one of the cubs, who when asked at the first aid base..."what would you do if one of their team had broken a leg"

Answer - "Push him in a bush and say it wasn't me!" - Maybe we need to work on this a little bit!

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