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Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training

First Response Training

First Response Training

Practical Training

Practical Training

Welcome to the Adult Training pages for City of Hull Scouts. Here we hope to clarify all the information you will need to understand Adult Training.

One of the largest areas of support that we offer to adults is training, providing you with the skills that you need for the role that you wish to undertake.

Modular Training

Training within Scouting is broken down into a number of modules. Any experience gained outside of Scouting from such as the workplace or other volunteer work can be used as prior learning to validate modules, therefore ensuring that we only provide training that is needed to help you with your role, and we're not wasting trying to teach you things you already know

Flexible Training Courses

Training is usually held locally, in groups, Districts and the County and anyone is free to undertake their training at any venue -  you can even book on courses that are outside of our County - this gives you the flexibility to train when it suits you.

Within our County, we usually provide training days that contain a number of modules. We call these Cluster Days, of which we usually run three per year. The benefit of this, is the completion of more than one module, without having to give up a large number of days or evenings to complete your required training.  We do run training in evenings too, which allows for flexibility of those adults that aren't available on weekends.


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